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Sunday 17 October 2021

‘Over My Dead Body’ by Claire Lorrimer

 Published by Soundings Audio Books,
1 September 2007.
(7 CD’s).
Read by Christopher Scott

Newly weds Migs and Ian Peters move into Millers Lane, a peaceful English country community. But is it as idyllic as it appears?

Invited to attend a meeting of the residents of the 10 houses that make up Millers Lane, they think it is a good opportunity to meet the neighbours. On the agenda is a proposal to widen and resurface the Lane, which seems a small matter, but this small matter has a considerable impact on the quality of life for several of the residents, and over a period of time turns into a major dispute, as the residents separate into those for, and those against the widening proposal.

The characters are the perfect mix, the local vicar and his wife, Evelyn Bateman and her disabled younger sister Daphne, the struggling farmer Dodd and his son Jack, a Wing-Commander and his timid wife, a rather, by all accounts tasty crime writer who has a continual succession of attractive scantily clad girlfriends, the wealthy element of the Lane with their Rolls Royce complete with chauffeur called Parker, and of course a bit of poaching going on. The cast was reminiscent of Agatha Christies Body In The Library, and then as the body count began to rise, I felt I had strayed into Midsomer.

It’ s an enjoyable mystery, a must for those of you that enjoy Hazel Holt mysteries, and of course the Midsomer Murders.

Christopher Scott did an excellent job with so huge a cast of characters.

Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Claire Lorrimer is a pseudonym used by Patricia Robinsbegan. She began writing at the age of ten, encouraged by her mother who was the author Denise Robins. Her post as a sub editor on a woman's magazine gave her a close insight into the world of publishing, but it was during the Second World War that her writing career became established. She subsequently turned to historical fiction. These novels on an epic scale feature the lives of passionate and striking heroines set against a strongly drawn historical background, often highlighting the situation of women. Recently Claire has written a series of murder mysteries.

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