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Wednesday 13 October 2021

‘A Killing Frost’ by R D Wingfield

Published by ISIS Audio Books.
ISBN 978-0-7531-2982-1 (12 CD’s)
Read by Stephen Thorne

Jack Frost is having a busy day, someone is poisoning food in the local supermarket, a baby may have been abducted, and then DCI Skinner turns up and teams up with Mullet to get Frost transferred out of Denton. Whilst he is fighting on all sides, a limb is discovered in the nearby woods, and two teenage girl’s are reported missing.

While he does his best to reassure the mothers of the missing girls that they will turn up safe and well, he has a bad feeling about them. And then the body of a girl turns up. 

This is a marvellous entry in this series, Frost is at his best. His attempts to catch the supermarket poisoner are fraught with humour. Poor Taffy, not the brightest at the best of times, his inept sleuthing adding a light touch to the serious matter of disappearing teenage girls.

Stephen Thorne is excellent, and I know that the main voice is that of Frost, but Stephen’s portrayal of the supermarket owner Beesley was the best. I kept wanting to hear more of Beesley even through he was really not a main player.  A really marvellous reading. Thank you, Stephen.

Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

R. D. Wingfield (1928-2007)Rodney David Wingfield, was a prolific writer of radio crime plays and comedy scripts, some for the late Kenneth Williams, star of the Carry On films. His crime novels featuring DI Jack Frost have been successfully adapted for television as A Touch of Frost starring David Jason. Wingfield was a modest man, shunning the London publicity scene in favour of a quiet life in Basildon, Essex, with his wife of 52 years.

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