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Friday 8 October 2021

‘Nectar of the Gods’ by Gwen C Watkins

Published by No Exit Press,
October 2008.
ISBN: 978-1-84243-249-5

Sarah Bennett, owner of Cornerstone Wine Imports in Georgia, is facing a tough time financially after two of her wine distributors have gone into bankruptcy.  She is proud of her wines and is hopeful of a good recommendation from wine critic Sam Somers, who is known as the world’s leading authority on Australian wine. Sam had rated Macquarie Hawke Coonawarra Shiraz ninety-eight points out of a hundred and given it as a ‘best buy’ and it’s now flying off the shelves. 

The story switches from Georgia in the USA to South Australia and moves at a good pace. As Sarah Bennett unwittingly discovers a trail of corruption and murder in the Australian wine industry, she finds herself in a situation from which there is obviously no way she can survive, and heart in mouth you start the next chapter. Can she miraculously manage to escape her fate?

As a wine lover, I found this a fascinating book. Apart from the mystery I enjoyed the information on the blending of grapes that produce the different wines.

An amazing debut – ingenious plot, fast paced, with a marvellous insight into winemaking.

Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Gwen C. Watkins has worked in the wine industry for over twenty years, travelling extensively on business in Australia, New Zealand and Chile. She now lives in South Florida with her husband.


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