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Wednesday 9 February 2022

‘Waterloo Sunset’ by Martin Edwards

Published by Allison & Busby.
28 August 2008.
ISBN: 978-0-7490-7927-7 (PB)

This is the eighth in the series of psychological thrillers featuring small firm Liverpool solicitor Harry Devlin. It was written ten years after the seventh in the series. (Martin Edwards has been occupied in the meantime with writing the splendid Lake District series of crime books.)

Harry Devlin
Died Suddenly Liverpool.
Midsummer's Eve.

Harry Devlin is settling into a new modern office when he opens a letter containing his own obituary.  ‘A hoax, it had to be. He had nothing to fear.’ But does someone really want him dead? The novel is divided into the six days in which Harry has to find a killer. The remains of a young woman wash up on Waterloo Beach. Is a serial killer loose in his home town and has it anything to do with his problem? Harry’s business partner is attacked and left for dead and Harry can’t help but think that the attacker meant to kill him. When a friend who has asked to meet him becomes the latest victim of the serial killer, Harry becomes a suspect. Harry's former lover, Theresa May reappears in his life, her ex-husband is a jealous and unscrupulous crook who happens to own the building Harry where now works. Harry starts to take an interest in the local coroner and an office cleaner and not in a professional way.

Waterloo Sunset is a well-plotted novel, with twists, turns and surprises. The mix of beautifully drawn characters contains gangsters, cleaners and security men. Recommended.

Reviewer: Sue Lord

Martin Edwards was born 7 July 1955 at Knutsford, Cheshire and educated in Northwich and at Balliol College, Oxford University, taking a first-class honours degree in law. He trained as a solicitor in Leeds and moved to Liverpool on qualifying in 1980. He published his first legal article at the age of 25 and his first book, about legal aspects of buying a business computer at 27, before spending just over 30 years as a partner of a law firm, where he is now a consultant. He is married to Helena with two children (Jonathan and Catherine) and lives in Lymm. He is a member of the Murder Squad a collective of crime writers.  In 2007 he was appointed the Archivist of the Crime Writers Association and in 2011 he was appointed the Archivist of the Detection Club. He is a former chair of the Crime Writers’ Association and since 2015, he has been President of the Detection Club. For more information visit:

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