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Friday 15 April 2022

‘Bad Blood’ by Geraldine Evans.

Published by Severn House,
23 December 2004. 
ISBN: 0-7278-6156-5 (HB)
Published in Paperback by
Solo Books.
13 October 2021.
ISBN: 978-1-99972166-4.
Also available in Kindle format.

Called to investigate the murder of a wealthy woman living in very smart sheltered housing establishment, Rafferty and his side-kick Sergeant Llewellyn are plunged into a very dysfunctional family. Clara Mortimer lived alone, estranged from her daughter and grandchildren.  The occupants of the other flats all have plenty to say about Clara and her family, so much so that Rafferty has his work cut out to separate the truth from the spite. And when he tracks down Clara’s daughter he encounters even more subterfuge.

On the personal front, Rafferty is in quicksand and his struggles are only causing him to be sucked deeper into the mire.  In a valiant effort to redeem himself in the eyes of the Rafferty womenfolk he volunteers to baby-sit the new offspring of his cousin Gemma, so that the young mother can hove off to relish the delights of a boy band. Rafferty’s first baby-sitting exploits deserve a book of their own. I laughed out loud - could any man get in to such a state babysitting a new baby? Er, yes!

As in the earlier titles in this marvellous series there is much subtle humour in this book, particularly to anyone who has been brought up with a Catholic background. Father Kelly loves sinners - well, as Rafferty’s ma reminded him, wasn’t the priest the greatest sinner in the parish?

A truly wonderful entry in this excellent series - a good mystery that kept me guessing to the end, coupled with a great deal of humour that cleverly and subtly delves into the misunderstanding, pain and suffering that we each sometimes unknowingly inflict on those closest to us, those whom we should be most careful of - ie our family. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Geraldine Evans is a British writer of police procedurals that contain a lot of humour and family drama.  Her eighteen strong Rafferty & Llewellyn series features DI Joe Rafferty, a London-Irish, working-class, lapsed Catholic, who comes from a family who think - if he must be a policeman - he might at least have the decency to be a bent one. Her Casey & Catt series (two books) features DCI 'Will' Casey, a serious-minded, responsible policeman, for whom the Sixties never died, irresponsible, drug-taking, hippie parents, pose particular problems of the embarrassing kind. Geraldine lives in Norfolk, England.

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