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Thursday 31 January 2013

‘Cold Feet’ by Karen Pullen

Published by Five Star Publishing,
January 2013.
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2637-6

Special Agent Stella Lavender works undercover. It’s fair to say that her job is stressful, she negotiates the purchase of drugs from paranoid drug dealers. So the opportunity to rest and enjoy an afternoon wedding with her grandmother Fern, is something of a respite from her challenging job.  Although sixty-two year old Fern is far from restful, being curvy, sexy and young at heart.

However, Stella’s restful afternoon is short-lived when she discovers the bride dead.   But the afternoon is not a total write-off as it appears that Fern has made a conquest.

Lieutenant Anselmo Morales takes over the investigation but seems keen to hear Stella’s views.  So who would kill Justine Bradley? Well the groom’s former girlfriend is obsessively stalking him, and it appears that Justine, although describes as an angel by the grieving groom, had actually no friends. But more disturbing is the appearance of Stella’s ex-finance Hogan Leith!

In Cold Feet, Karen Pullen draws the reader into a fascinating story that alternates between Stella’s life as a drug agent and her  investigation into who killed Justine, and why.  But when her undercover life crosses over into her personal life Stella knows that matters have taken a serious turn.  Can she unravel the complex situation and ensure that those she loves will not be hurt?
Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Karen Pullen grew up in Riverton, New Jersey and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida when she was 16. In college she majored in math, also took a dozen courses in the English Department. Taught math for two years., the hardest most exhausting job in the world. She decided to train for a different job, and went back to school to earn a PhD in operations research. Five years later, she took a job with a systems engineering consulting firm in the Boston area. Married she moved to a small town in North Carolina where she opened a B & B.  Cold Feet is her first published book.

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