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Saturday, 2 July 2022

‘No Corners For The Devil' by Olive Etchells

Published by Constable,
28 April 2005.
ISBN: 978-1-84529084-9 (HB)

Sally Baxter and her husband and children have moved to Cornwall and settled happily into the Round House, situated by the sea. Although newcomers they have been largely accepted by the close-knit community.

When the youngest son Ben finds a body on the beach, their idyllic life is shattered. It becomes apparent that the last person to see the dead teenage girl is Sally’s eldest son Luke. 

Investigating is DCI Channon, a clever and unusually compassionate policeman, in direct contrast to his assistant Sergeant Bowles, who is abrasive and keen for a quick result - which to him is Luke Baxter. But it is not that clear.

As with all close-knit communities there is history, and the complex structure behind this small community is skilfully, cleverly, and very slowly revealed to us.  All is very rarely what it seems on the surface, as Olive Etchells so eloquently shows us. 

No Corners For the Devil is a very gripping mystery - I just couldn’t work out who did it. And like all really good mysteries, when it was revealed, you can see that all the clues are there - it’s a matter of looking at them in the right sequence.  Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Olive Etchells was born in Lancashire, England. She has been writing for many years and is best known for her Jericho Rose Lancashire sagas.

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