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Thursday 18 February 2021

‘Invisible Girl’ by Lisa Jewell

Published by Century,
6 August 2020.
ISBN: 978-1-787-46-150-5 (PB)


Lisa Jewell started her career with the novel Rachel’s Party. Her first book, and it shot to number one in the book charts. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength. When you think she can’t get any better, she does. I have read all her books, and if I had to sum them into one phrase, I would say: Page-Turner.

Invisible Girl is a psychological thriller. Young women are being sexually attacked around the upmarket area of Hampstead in North London. Cate has just moved there with her husband Roan, and their teenage children Josh and Georgia. It is a temporary move while their own home is having construction work. Georgia, the daughter, is enrolled at a new school where two of her classmates are Saffyre and Tilly.

When Saffyre was ten something bad happened to her, and she cannot heal from the pain. The man that was helping heal her, didn’t, so she follows him, secretly, learning everything about him.  Tilly tells her mother she was attacked from behind by a tall man in dark clothing, but when Cate advices her to contact the police she says she made it up. Cate is aware that the strange man who lives opposite, and has been suspended from his job as a schoolteacher for sexual allegations from a pupil, keeps watching the girls as they walk to and fro to school. Cate informs the police about him, but on no solid evidence, he is free to roam the streets.

Meanwhile, Cate is aware her husband, Roan, is leaving the house frequently with the excuse he is going jogging. His running gear is dark in colour and he is tall.  More shocking, Cate finds some of her husband’s running gear hidden in her son’s room. Her son often goes out at night and doesn’t return until the early hours of the morning.

And now, Saffyre is missing. And a massive police hunt is underway.

This story holds more twists than a helter skelter funfair ride in overdrive. I read it one sitting, and had to serve my husband’s dinner as burnt offerings.

I couldn’t recommend it higher. If I could give Lisa Jewell six stars out of five, I would.

Reviewer: Linda Regan

Lisa Jewell  was born on 19th July 1968 in Middlesex Hospital in London's West End. Her father Anthony is a Textile Agent and her mother Kay is a secretary. She has two younger sisters, Sacha and Tanya. She was brought up in a strange part of North London called Totteridge, known to some as the Beverly Hills of London, where her neighbours included such luminaries as Micky Most, Des O'Connor and Patti Boulay.  Lisa now lives in Swiss Cottage with her husband and daughter.

Linda Regan is the author of six police procedural crime novels. She is also an actress. She holds a Masters degree in critical writing and journalism, and writes a regular column, including book reviews, for three magazines. She also presents the book-club spot on BBC Radio Kent. She is an avid reader and welcomes the chance to read new writers. 

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