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Thursday 25 April 2019

That's So last Century

CrimeFest Saturday 11 May 2019
10:10 - 11:00

20th Century Historicals discussed by:

Guy Bolton is a screenwriter and novelist based in London. Guy's first novel, The Pictures, was released in 2017 and shortlisted for the CWA New Blood Award for Best Debut Crime Novel. Critics from the Telegraph, The Times and Mail on Sunday listed it as one of the top crime books of that year and it has recently been optioned for film. His second novel The Syndicate was released in October 2018.

J.D. Fennell was born and raised in Belfast. He loves reading and is the author of the action thriller Sleeper series, which has been listed for three awards. J.D. has had a long career in writing for corporates: ‘It’s all about telling a story.’ He has also played rugby for Brighton and when he is not writing he is learning to box. He is currently writing a new crime series set in Central London.

Sarah Williams is a passionate writer of and on crime fiction. Having spent most of her professional life as a writer, she decided recently to concentrate on crime fiction. Her debut crime novel, Small Deaths, is a historical mystery. Her new series, featuring a community psychiatric nurse, launches in autumn 2019 with It Should Have Been You.

Peter Murphy has published six legal thrillers in the Ben Schroeder series about a barrister in 1960s and 1970s London: A Higher Duty; A Matter for the Jury; And is There Honey Still For Tea?; The Heirs of Owain Glyndwr; Calling Down the Storm; and One Law For the Rest of Us. He has also written humorous short stories based on his experience as a judge: Walden of Bermondsey; and Judge Walden: Back in Session.

Alison Joseph is the participating moderatorAlison is a crime writer and award-winning radio dramatist. After a career in television documentaries, she began writing full time with the first of the Sister Agnes series of crime novels. She is also the author of a series featuring a fictional Agatha Christie as a detective. She is currently working on a standalone thriller about genetics. Alison was Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association 2013-2015, and is a member of Killer Women.

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