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Thursday 18 April 2019

Authors Remembered

CrimeFest Thursday 9 May 2019
17:00 - 17:50

Six authors talk about authors whose work they have enjoyed.  One being Gavin Lyall who was a great favouite of mine and whose books still grace my shelves.

Chris Curran talks about Mary Steward 
Chris writes psychological thrillers for Harper Collins Killer Reads. Her latest is All the Little Lies. She lives in East Sussex and works, standing up, in a room with no view. When inspiration falters she finds tea (Earl Grey, hot) and a bout of ironing are very therapeutic. In breaks between writing novels she dusts, cooks, walks by the sea and reads – but, mostly, she reads.

Dominick Donald  talks about Gavin Lyall
Dominick followed an Oxford Modern History degree with stints as a soldier, lecturer, UN official and editorial writer. That experience and a War Studies PhD led him to political risk analysis for a large London firm, which he left as Head of Geopolitics. Now a freelance writer and political risk advisor, he is married with three children and lives on the Oxfordshire-Wiltshire border. Debut Breathe was The Sunday Times Crime Book of the Year.

Dolores Gordon-Smith talks about Ernest Bramah
Dolores is the author of the Jack Haldean murder mystery series set in 1920s England, the latest of which is The Forgotten Murder, published by Severn House, and two WW1 spy thrillers, Frankie’s Letter and The price of Silence. Married with five daughters and various dogs and cats, Dolores has been a teacher, a civil servant and a shaker-out of Christmas puddings in a jam factory.

Anja de Jager talks about Anna Katherine Green
Anja is Dutch but lives in London. She draws inspiration from cases that her father, a retired police detective, worked on in the Netherlands. The first book in her Lotte Meerman series, A Cold Death In Amsterdam, was picked by The Times as one of their Crime Novels of the Year. Anja worked in the City for twenty years but is now a full-time writer. She's currently working on her fifth

John Lawton is the participating moderator and talks about Ira Levin
John writes historical novels featuring Frederick Troy and Joe Wilderness. There’ve been about a dozen so far, spanning 1935 to 1965. John thinks time should have stopped in 1966 as everything since seems to be the work of Satan, Margaret Thatcher or Kenny Everett. He particularly dislikes cell phones, social media and instant coffee. His favourite word is ‘shed’. His cat is called Tosca. His next novel will be Hammer to Fall, in March 2020.

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