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Monday, 18 January 2016

‘It Was An Accident’ by Jeremy Cameron

Published by Hope Road Publishing,
6 August 2015.
ISBN: 978-1-908446-34-3.

Nicky Burkett is just out of prison. He is breathing fresh air heading for his home in Walthamstow,  determined this time to stay out of trouble and prison. However trouble comes to find him in the shape of a cop needing his help. Burkett makes it clear he doesn’t want to know, not only he isn’t a grass but he has a girlfriend waiting for him who will only be there if he stays squeaky clean. Then from nowhere more trouble hits on him, in the shape of a gang looking to do damage. Even when he runs off to Jamaica he is followed. Nicky Burkett just wasn’t meant for the straight life.

This is an extremely amusing tale of the streets of gang- ridden London. Cameron has a unique voice, and the story is told in a highly entertaining and street tone. It isn’t that it is the best thriller you will ever read, although it is a good one, it is more that you will not want to put it down because you are smiling as you read on. The character of Nikki Burkett stole my heart with his vulnerability. Somehow I knew he wasn’t going to come out on top, although I kept hoping he would, and even by the end he still might have done. (Work that one out, or better still read the book and find out).

I hadn’t heard of Hope Road publishing, and I looked them up and was delighted to find they are a relatively new publishing house, who give a voice to authors who haven’t been picked up by the big main stream boys, specializing in Caribbean authors. I was delighted Cameron was one of the authors chosen. I think the big main-stream publishers have missed a treat in this series, and a very talented and unique writer in Jeremy Cameron. I look forward to reading more of his extremely entertaining character Nicky Burkett.
Reviewer: Linda Regan

Jeremy Cameron spent several years working in hostels for the homeless and twenty years living and working in Walthamstow. During tis period he wrote five novels set in Walthamstow and featuring Nicky Burkett.


Linda Regan is the author of six police procedural crime novels. She is also an actress. She holds a Masters degree in critical writing and journalism, and writes a regular column, including book reviews, for three magazines. She also presents the book-club spot on BBC Radio Kent. She is an avid reader, and welcomes the chance to read new writers

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