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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mary Higgins Clark - Bald men!

As anyone who visits this blog regularly they will know that I usually post reviews.  However last week I read The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark.  I hadn't read her for ages, so wondered if I would still enjoy her books.  I did in a way, but I found that I was becoming irritated, and eventually went back and checked that I wasn't imagining something.......

Page 6 we meet Eric Bennett, late forties - he had a full head of greying black hair
Page 19 we meet Dr Cunningham (not young) who has - a head of white hair
Page 41 we meet Rudy Schell (FBI) not young - who has a shock of grey streaked black hair
Page 51 we meet Patrick Adanms aged 52 years old, - but with a full head of mostly grey hair
Page 144 we meet Dr Papretti, mid fifties or so - with a thick head of greying hair
Page 155 we meet Dwight Crowley - who has a head of sandy grey hair
Page 215 we meet Jonathan Piece – Jonathan had a full head of dark brown hair.

The italics are actual quotes from the book.
My favourite is  Dr Papretti, mid fifties or so - with a thick head of greying hair. Bless him he had a thick head, rather than a head of thick hair,

My question is don't many men go bald in America?  I have a wide number of male acquaintances and regardless of age at least 90% of them have some degree of baldness, ie receding or thinning hair.     It Sounds daft to say it kept pulling me out of the story, but it did.

So do odd things like this pull you out of a story?  Just interested.
Any comments

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