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Sunday 20 September 2020

Bloody Scotland-Programme -Sunday 20 September 2020


A reminder that today's Bloody Scotland events are free to watch:
Sunday 20th September

 11.00am: The Never-Ending Panel: A Bloody Tour of Bloody Scotland
Lin Anderson, Stuart MacBride, Neil Broadfoot, Andrew James Greig, Sandra Ireland, Hania Allen, Morgan Cry, Caro Ramsay, Sara Sheridan, JD Kirk, Mary Paulson-Ellis, James Oswald, Ambrose Parry, Craig Robertson, Doug Johnstone, Jackie Baldwin, Theresa Talbot, Alan Parks, Abir Mukherjee, Alex Gray, Nicola White, Ben McPherson, Catriona McPherson, Lisa Gray, SJI Holliday and Alex Knight.

3.00pm: Chris Brookmyre, Ruth Ware, Harriet Tyce and Liz Nugent
chaired by Jonathan Whitelaw

4.00pm: Lou Berney, S.A. Cosby, Sheena Kamal and Denise Mina

5.00pm: Katherine Ramsland
interviewed by Chris Merritt

6.00pm: Mark Billingham and John Connolly

7.00pm: Lee Child and Val McDermid

8.30pm: You the Jury

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