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Saturday 13 September 2014

‘The Dog Killer of Utica’ by Frank Lentricchia.

Published by Melville International Crime, 
22 April 2014. 
ISBN: 978-1612193373

This is the second book in the Elliot Conte series.

I have never read a book in a day...until I read this! The final page had my skin rippled in Goosebumps – It was deep, difficult at times but when you caught up it was all there.

Part written like a script he mainly uses dialogue it’s an experience. The main character Elliot Conte an Ex-PI and son to a political kingmaker, walks you, no, jogs you through the story set in Utica, New York. A past secret leads to a trail of brutal killings all involving people he loves. It’s written in a distinct way that’s fresh and compelling, I couldn’t put it down.
Reviewer: Nicky Cooper Brown

Frank Lentricchia was raised in Utica, New York, to working-class, first-generation Italian-American parents. He’s the author of The Accidental Pallbearer, the first book in the Eliot Conte series, and seven other novels, and a number of highly acclaimed critical studies. He is a professor of American literature at Duke University.

Nicky Cooper Brown came late to this game we call writing. Growing up, up North, she was always praised for her talents with her hands, rather than her mind, she harboured an artistic flair often drawing and painting into the night. It wasn't until she moved south to the Beautiful picturesque New Forest that she took pen to paper so to speak. Now Nicky enjoys writing short stories and articles and has a funny and light hearted style, but when it comes to her novels she displays a darker side and a taste for psychological thrillers.

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