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Saturday, 21 April 2012

‘Classic Calls the Shots’ by Amy Myers

Published by Severn House,
28 February 2012.
ISBN: 978-0-7278-8150-2

When a 1935 Aubun speedster owned by film director Bill Wade, is stolen from the film set of Dark Harvest, currently being shot in Kent, Jack Colby is called in to track down the car.  Jack operates a classic car restoration business working from Frogs Hill Farm in Kent, and has with his knowledge of classic cars worked from time to time as a car detective.

Visiting the film set two things spring immediately out at Jack, the tensions and unrest that exist between the cast – the unrest seeming to stem mainly from the directors wife Angie, and the other is his instant personal attraction to the star’s leading lady Louise Shaw.

As Jack interviews the cast and members of the crew, it begins to look less like a straightforward theft and more like an inside job. That most of cast have worked together on an earlier film has Jack speculating, could it even be directed at the film, but who? and why?  Soon the discovery of a body puts a different complexion on the theft, and Jack is looking for more than a car thief.

Packed with interesting characters and wonderful cars –sigh, there are many twists and turns before the surprising solution is revealed.  Highly recommended, and a must for you vintage car lovers.
Lizzie Hayes
The first book in this series is Classic in the Barn.

Amy Myers  was brought up in Kent, UK, Amy spent many years as a director of William Kimber, a London-based general hardback publisher known for its military biographies and histories. In addition to editing these, she ran a fiction list from ghost stories and sea adventures to historical romance. She is married to the American-born car buff James Myers, who has collaborated with her in creating Jack Colby.  Amy writes two other crime series Marsh & Daughter, a father and daughter team investigating cold cases in Kent, and one featuring Tom Wasp, a Victorian chimney sweep. Amy Myers also writes historical and contemporary suspense and romantic fiction under the name of Harriet Hudson. a


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