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Tuesday 16 March 2021

‘The One That Got Away’ by Egan Hughes

Published by Sphere,
6 August 2020.
ISBN: 978-0-7515-7678-8 (PB)

This is a first psychological novel by a new author, and most certainly an author to keep an eye on.

Rob is a boat enthusiast. He meets Mia. They fall in love and get married and then sail off for a honeymoon, on Rob’s boat, around the Mediterranean, heading for Greece where they intend to stay and set up a boating business together. Sound idyllic?

Then Rob’s sister arrives on board and things start to change.
Jump forward, or actually back, to the beginning of the story the way it has been told, when Rob is found dead on his boat. He has been shot through the head.

Slowly, Hughes unravels the plot that leads to Rob’s killing, because nothing or no one, is what we perceive them to be. The story never stopped surprising me.

I thought I knew, had it sussed, but it wasn’t what I thought, or seemed to be. And then another surprise hit me like a sack of cement on the top of my head. I found myself burning the midnight oil as I couldn’t turn those pages quickly enough. Intrigue had me in its grip.

Egan Hughes is most certainly a name I hope to read more from. For a first novel, it has all the ingredients of a great one.

Reviewer: Linda Regan

Egan Hughes was born in North Devon and grew up in Hampshire, UK. She is now based on the South Coast of England and works in marketing as a freelance copyeditor. An early version of The One That Got Away was shortlisted for the First Novel Prize, and the 2017 Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller Competition.

Linda Regan is the author of six police procedural crime novels. She is also an actress. She holds a Masters degree in critical writing and journalism, and writes a regular column, including book reviews, for three magazines. She also presents the book-club spot on BBC Radio Kent. She is an avid reader and welcomes the chance to read new writers. 

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