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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Peter Tickler-Self-isolation brings Opportunities

 Talking Crime Fiction

Peter is a writer who specialises in crime fiction set in Oxford.

Our world has transformed in a few fast-moving weeks. A month ago, I was taking part in the Mystery Fest in Portsmouth and looking forward to a city break in Barcelona. Now like everyone else in the UK (and many other countries too) we are in lockdown. The Spanish holiday (a gift from two of our children) has disappeared. And I am wondering what to do. We are lucky enough to have a garden, but I have done all I can there for now – until the vegetable seeds and some plants appear in our porch.

‘You should go live streaming’ says my youngest son, the one who works in the film business.

‘What exactly is live streaming?’

‘Talking live to your readers.’

 ‘Really? It sounds … complicated.’

‘It’s easy, dad.’

I am dubious. Not just about the technology, but about the audience. Will there be any? Will anyone be interested. I tell him that.

‘There’s only one way to find out,’ he insists.


‘Get yourself out there. You’ve talked to enough Women’s Institutes and libraries in your time.’

‘I suppose so.’

‘And when you’ve done it, you have to share and tweet and spread the word. It’s about “growing your market”.’

Those words hang heavy in the air. I’m a writer. Not a marketeer.

‘Well, are you going to do it or not?’ My son is like a dog with a bone. And I suspect that at this point I am that bone.

‘All right!’ I snap.

Well I did as I was told. On Monday 30 March, at 8.00 p.m. in the UK, I did my first live streaming on Facebook, on “Beginnings”. And I’ll be doing another one on writing crime fiction every Monday until I run out of things to say. Do join me!

And if you missed the live showing, well they will all be available to view under my videos on Facebook.

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