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Sunday 19 February 2017

The Deadly Dames at Portsmouth BookFest

From left to right  Charlie Cochrane, Carol Westron, Nicola Slade, Eileen Robertson, Len Tyler and Joan Moules.  
(Photograph courtesy of  Jack Halsall)

The Deadly Dames appeared at Portsmouth BookFest at Portsmouth Central Library on
Saturday 18th February.
The Dames: Charlie Cochrane, Joan Moules, Eileen Robertson, Nicola Slade and Carol Westron were delighted to welcome
L.C. Tyler as their Guest Chevalier.
Departing slightly from their usual style, the panel discussed

‘Nemesis With Knitting Needles’

- women sleuths from Victorian times until the present day.
The debate ranged from the problems of following a suspect whilst wearing a crinoline to 21st Century television adaptations of classic detective stories, but no decision was reached about whether modern detectives should take up knitting.

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