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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Deadly Duos: Partners and Sidekicks

Friday 20 May 2016
13.40- 14.30

Deadly Duos: Partners and Sidekicks

Discussing this topic are:

Matt Bendoris
Matt Bendoris is Chief Features Writer of The Scottish Sun, and has been a jounalist since 1989, working his way into the London press where he was hired twice by Piers Morgan at both The Sun and The Daily Mirror. Matt has ghost-written various autobiographies He wrote his latest title Killing With Confidence on his blackberry during the short train commute to work! 
He lives in Kilsyth, with his wife Amanda and their two children, where he can regularly be seen panting up the hills, in training for marathon runs.

Suzette Hill
Suzette Hill  was born in Eastbourne, Sussex, in 1941; but has lived in   locations - the Midlands, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Berkshire - and finally in retirement to Ledbury in Hereforshire. Although being an English graduate of two universities and having taught ‘Eng. Lit.’ all her professional life, she never did ever contemplate doing any creative writing herself. It was only when she was sixty-four and well retired, that out of idle curiosity she thought she might try her hand at a short story - just to see what writing fiction felt like. And to her ongoing surprise the Bones series is the result! A Little Death is the first in a new series featuring Rosy Gilchrist. The Primrose Pursuit is the first book featuring Primrose Oughterard

Vaseem Khan
Vaseem Khan first saw an elephant lumbering down the middle of theroad in 1997 when he arrived in the city of Mumbai, India to work as a management consultant. It was the most unusual sight he had ever encountered and served as the inspiration behind his Baby Ganesh series of light-hearted crime novels. Vaseem was born in London in 1973, went on to gain a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics, before spending a decade on the subcontinent helping one of India's premier hotel groups establish a chain of five-star environmentally friendly 'ecotels' around the country. He returned to the UK in 2006 and has since worked at University College London for the Department of Security and Crime Science. Elephants are third on his list of passions, first and second being great literature and cricket, not always in that order.

Caro Ramsay
Caro Ramsay was raised on the south side of Glasgow, around the Govan area. She says that she never considered herself good at English at school, being rather more talented at the sciences, such as maths and chemistry. But even then, science threw up many interesting facts - methods of poisoning, electrocution, death by a blunt object by working out that F=MA versus skull. Most of these were put to use in trying to dispose of the PE department. Having turned down places at Veterinary and Medical school, she was the youngest person ever to graduate from the British School of Osteopathy in London. Upon graduation, she immediately returned to Glasgow to establish her own practice. It was while recovering from a very bad back injury, I decided to put pen to paper and started the scribblings  that was to become Absolution.  The rest, as they say, is history…

 The participating Moderator is L C Tyler

L C Tyler
L. C. Tyler was born in Southend, Essex, and educated at Southend High School for Boys, Jesus College Oxford and City University London. After university he joined the Civil Service and worked at the Department of the Environment in London and Hong Kong. He then moved to the British Council, where his postings included Malaysia, Thailand, Sudan and Denmark.

Since returning to the UK he has lived in Sussex and London, and was Chief Executive of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health for eleven years. He is now a full time writer. His first novel, The Herring Seller's Apprentice, was published by Macmillan in 2007, followed by A Very Persistent Illusion, Ten Little Herrings, The Herring in the Library and Herring on the Nile. The first book in a new historical series, A Cruel Necessity, was published by Constable and Robinson in November 2014. The follow up is A Masterpiece of Corruption and was published in January 2016.


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