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Monday, 25 November 2019

‘She Will Rescue You’ by Chris Clement-Green

Published by Joffe Books,
30th May 2019.
ISBN: 978-1-78931-127-3 (PB)

Based on animal cruelty, this gripping debut about animal abusers getting their just deserts and a piece of their own medicine had me hooked.  Ellie Grant, no oil painting, lives on the breadline employed at a minimum wage by an animal rescue centre and she will stop at nothing to save and protect ill treated and exploited animals.

Lonely and isolated after the death of her mother from cancer, Ellie stumbles across a winning lottery ticket and comes into a fortune. She deploys the cash to open several animal shelters and musters a team of committed like-minded people in order to wreak dark-ops revenge on perpetrators. 

When a man is brutally murdered in a Norfolk turkey shed that raises police suspicions that it’s something rather more than a violent incident, enter Dr Mia Langley, a clever, elegant, criminal forensic psychologist working for the National Crime Agency.   As further gruesome killings and maimings occur, Mia goes under cover, her investigations lead her to Ellie and entanglements ensue.

Well crafted and plotted with a compelling, unique and gritty story line and credible characters, this talented writer has mastered the art of   natural dialogue and keeps the pace galloping with lots of twists and turns.  Some readers might not welcome the introduction of a romance element or the fate of a prominent character unless that’s simply camouflage, and he returns to fight another day in another novel. I look forward to reading more by this author. 
Reviewer: Serena Fairfax 

Chris Clement-Green retired from Thames Valley Police after sixteen years as a uniform sergeant followed by five as a civilian investigator on serious and organised crime teams in Humberside and Wiltshire – which included working on several murder incident rooms. She started writing in 2007 when she entered the National Association of Writer’s Groups annual short story competition. It was her first competition and she won with Pebbles. The win encouraged her to undertake the Open University Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing courses, which she completed with distinction. In 2013 she was accepted onto the prestigious Bath Spa University Creative Writing MA, where she  completed a humorous but gritty life-writing manuscript Into the Valley which was subsequently published by Mirror Books in 2017.  She has had several articles and letters published in national UK magazines, most notably Writing Magazine, and in September 2016 was published in The New Guard Volume V a literary journal based in New York. She Will Rescue You  her debut novel was published on the 30th May 2019 by Joffe Books and she is currently working on a new crime novel – Rage Hard which is another police procedural set in Oxford revolving around a white WPC and black criminal during the race riots of Thatcher’s Britain. She also runs tutored and untutored writing retreats from her home in mid Wales. 

Serena Fairfax spent her childhood in India, qualified as a lawyer in England and practised in London for many years. She began writing by contributing feature articles to legal periodicals then turned her hand to fiction. Having published nine novels all, bar one, hardwired with a romantic theme, she has also written short stories and accounts of her explorations off the beaten track that feature on her blog. A tenth, distinctly unromantic, novel is a work in progress. Thrillers, crime and mystery narratives, collecting old masks and singing are a few of her favourite things. 

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