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Friday 1 June 2018

CrimeFest Ten Year Stretch

The tenth anniversary ofThe CrimeFest Conference was the best yet.  It is one of the friendliest events and the one where you have a chance to meet not only the big names in writers of crime fiction but also the mid-list authors and the new talent that is emerging today. The organisers achieve this by giving every author who registers for the conference the chance to be on a panel and in front of a wide audience, provided they register by a certain date.  This makes it for me a conference I would never miss. 

A group of twenty authors came together  to celebrate a decade of crime fiction at CrimeFest. It was a lovely  sight to see eleven of the author contributors sat in a long line pens poised to each sign their story for the huge queue that wound its way out of ‘The King’s Room’ and across the foyer.

Edited by Martin Edwards and Adrian Muller with a foreword by Peter James this should be on your
‘Not to Be Missed’ list.  

All Royalties are donated to the RNIB Talking Books  Library. 

Dedicated to Jane Burfield. Published by No Exit Press in  association with

 Over the next few days I will be posting photograps and reports of some of the panels.

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