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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

‘To Tell the Truth’ by Anna Smith

Published by Quercus,
9th February 2012. 
ISBN: 978-0-85738-296-2

Jenny and Martin Lennon and their three-year-old daughter Amy are on holiday with friends on the Costa del Sol, when Amy is abducted from the beach outside their villa. 

Journalist Rosie Gilmour is also holidaying in Spain, but a call from her editor Mick Mcguire in Glasgow has her driving to Marbella to cover the story.  Arriving at the villa Rosie is just one more journalist camping outside the Lennon’s holiday villa. But Rosie is not one to let grass grow under her feet she devises a plan to speak with the Lennons.  When she does she becomes cognisant that there is more to the situation than has been reported in the press. How much should she reveal? Later at her hotel she is approached by a rent boy who has information about the abduction, and she realises that she has been presented with information that the young rent boy doesn’t realise is dynamite.   Rosie has information that puts her on the inside track in more ways than one.

As she pursues her story she uncovers so much more than the abduction of Amy Lennon. Soon Rosie is walking a very fine line between keeping her editor happy and pursuing the abductors, for whom human life is cheap. 

The story moves at a cracking pace as several parties become involved in finding Amy, all have  different reasons, but basically all have the same goal.  An exciting climax to the story which ends with winners and losers, but whilst cheering for the winners one might want to shed a tear for some of the losers.  An emotional and explosive mystery.  Highly recommended.
Lizzie Hayes

Anna Smith has been a journalist for over twenty years and is a former chief reporter for the Daily Record. She has covered wars across the world as well as major investigations and news stories. To Tell the Truth is the second thriller featuring journalist Rosie Gilmour, and the follow-up to The Dead Won't Sleep.

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