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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

‘Catch Your Death’ by Louise Voss & Mark Edwards

Published by HarperCollins
12 January 2012.
ISBN: 978-0-00-746070-0

Kate Maddox fleeing from her abusive husband in the USA returns home to England with her son.  By chance she sees her lover Stephen who she knows died twenty years ago.  The sighting takes her back to the time she spent with Stephen in the Cold Research Unit two decades ago.  But the person Kate sees is Stephen’s twin brother Paul. 

The meeting with Paul has her questioning her time at the unit and what happened there, and as she concentrates on it she realises that her memory is at fault and that there are gaps.  Can she fill in these gaps and should she?  What was happening at the Cold Research Unit all those years ago?

This is a chilling tale, as Kate seeks to uncover exactly just what did happen twenty years ago when she thought that she was participating in finding a cure for the common cold.  As with Paul’s help Kate probes deeper, she puts herself and others in danger.

These mysteries set in Research Stations always make fascinating reading, but just sometimes, one wonders just how much is fiction!  However, although we are all aware on one level of the ‘flu virus’s, seeing then listed was a scary moment. This is one of those unable to put down books – have to finish it or won’t be able to concentrate on anything else.   And there is one of those delicious twists that have the reader reeling.

Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Mark Edwards and Louise Voss met after Louise saw Mark on a TV documentary about aspiring writers, and a writing partnership was born.  Their first two thrillers, Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death, were huge hits when the pair self-published them online, becoming the first UK indie authors to reach No. 1 in both the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fiction charts. They are currently working on the sequel to Catch Your Death.

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