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Thursday 19 November 2015

‘Cut Out’ by Fergus McNeill.

Published by Hodder Paperbacks,
23 April 2015.
ISBN: 978-1-444-73974

Having Read Fergus McNeill’s Eye Contact, I was looking forward to reading this and it did not disappoint.

The scary aspect of this story is how easily it could happen in real life. Do we truly know our neighbours the people we work with … the answer is, No!

Detective Inspector Graham Harland is called to a horrifying night club crime scene.  The state of the person killed expels any realms of humanity. Shortly after starting on the case he’s pulled of it to look for a missing woman called Laura. He’s teamed up with DS Imogen Gower a smart younger Detective.

When Laura Hirsch first goes missing, all the evidence and witness statements point the finger at one person, the boyfriend. Or rather ex-boyfriend Matt Garrick.  The story unfolds, the reality of someone wishing their life was more like yours, and the immeasurable lengths they will go too, so they can be you! But what happens when you disappoint that person? What lengths will they go too to take your place?

The twist in the tale, will have you questioning all relationships you’ve ever had … even scarier, the people around you right now! Who are they? A fantastic read.
Reviewer: Nicky Cooper Brown

As well as writing crime novels, Fergus McNeill has been creating computer games since the early eighties, writing his first interactive fiction titles while still at school. Over the years he has designed, directed and illustrated games for all sorts of systems, including the BBC Micro, the Apple iPad, and almost everything in between. Now running an app development studio, Fergus lives in Hampshire with his wife and teenage son. He is the author of Eye Contact, Knife Edge and Cut Out.

Nicky Cooper Brown came late to this game we call writing. Growing up, up North, she was always praised for her talents with her hands, rather than her mind, she harboured an artistic flair often drawing and painting into the night. It wasn't until she moved south to the Beautiful picturesque New Forest that she took pen to paper so to speak. Now Nicky enjoys writing short stories and articles and has a funny and light hearted style, but when it comes to her novels she displays a darker side and a taste for psychological thrillers.

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