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Sunday, 27 May 2012

‘Watching the Ghosts’ by Kate Ellis

Published by Severn House, 
May 2012. 
ISBN: 978-1-78029-027-0

Since moving into an apartment in Boothgate House in the Yorkshire city of Eborby, Lydia Brookes has been having nightmares, but always the same one.  She discovers that Boothgate House prior to being converted into a luxury apartment building was formerly known as Havenby Hall, an asylum for the insane, and it was here that the serial killer Peter Brockmeister was sent on his release from prison in 1978.  Three years later Havenby Hall was closed.

Taking a call from her senior partner whilst in the park with her small daughter Daisy, solicitor Melanie Hawkes takes her eyes off Daisy for a few minutes and Daisy is gone. 

Investigating both a burglary reported by Lydia Brooks, and the kidnapping of Daisy Hawkes, DI Joe Plantagenet learns that at the time of the kidnapping Melanie Hawkes was looking into suspicious events at Havenby Hall on behalf of a client. 

When by chance Lydia Brooks comes face to face with her nightmare which links back to Havenby Hall, Lydia decides to do some research herself, and uncovers some disturbing information.   While Joe Plantagenet’s investigations reveal the sickening truth about Havenby Hall and the knowledge places Joe in terrible danger.

Kate Ellis has woven a fascinating mystery as several seemingly unrelated matters lead back to the sinister past of Havenby Hall, and the death of Peter Brockmeister in mysterious circumstances.   Incredibly spine chilling this is a real page turner.  Although sometimes so creepy, I was almost fearful of turning the page.  Highly recommended.
Lizzie Hayes

Kate Ellis was born and brought up in Liverpool and she studied drama in Manchester. She worked in teaching, marketing and accountancy before first enjoying writing success as a winner of the North West Playwrights competition. Crime and mystery stories have always fascinated her, as have medieval history and archaeology which she likes to incorporate in her books. Kate's novels feature archaeology graduate Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson.  Each story combines an intriguing contemporary murder mystery with a parallel historical case. She has also written three books in the spooky Joe Plantagenet series set up in North Yorkshire as well as many short stories for crime fiction anthologies and magazines.  She is married with two grown up sons and she lives in North Cheshire, England, with her husband and Vivaldi the cat.

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