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Thursday 28 December 2023

Mysteries Set at New Year

ABBOTT, Allyson K 2017 A Toast to Murder 
ALDERSON, Jennifer S 2019 Death on the Danube (2019)
BABSON, Marian 1999 Queue Here For Murder/Line Up For Murder
BARNETT, T L 2016 Murder for the New Year
BELLAIRS, George  1950 The Case of the Headless Jesuit / Death Brings in the New Year
BLANC, Nero 2003 A Crossworder's Gift
BRADY, Eileen 2022 Last But Not Leashed
BRAZIL, Paul 2014 Guns of Brixton
BREEN, Jon L 1988 Touch of the Past
BROWN, Rita Mae 2003 Full Cry (2003)
BURKE, Anna Celeste 2016 Gnarly New Year (2016)
CAHOON, Lynn 2019 Have a Deadly New Year 
CAIRNS, Alison 2001 New Year Resolution
CHALLINOR C S  2014 Murder at Midnight
CHANG, Henry 2006 Chinatown Beat

2008 Year of the Dog

2010 Red Jade

2014 Death Money

2017 Lucky
CLEEVES, Ann  2006 Raven Black
COLLINS, Anna Ashwood  1989 Deadly Resolutions
CONNELLY, Michael  2021 The Dark Hours
CORNWELL. Patricia  1996 Cause of Death
COSTELLO, Mark 1997 Bag Man
CRAIG, Alisa  1981 Murder Goes Mumming
CRAWFORD, Isis 2019 A Catered New Years Eve Party
CULLER, M 2022 A New Year's Cat-aclysm
DALEY, Robert 1981 Year of the Dragon
DAY, Maddie 2022 Murder in a Cape Cottage
DEAVER, Jeffery 1999 The Devil's Teardrop
DEXTER, Colin 1986 The Secret of Annexe 3
DICKSON, Carter  1942 The Gilded Man/Death and the Gilded Man
DOBBYN, John F 2007 Neon Dragon 
DOUGLAS, Carole Nelson  1998 Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (1998)
EDWARDS, Emily J 2023 Ticking Clock
ELRODD, D.B. 2021 Murder Again! Happy New Year!
ELLROY, James 2018 The Storm
ESTLEMAN, Loren D  1996 Stress
FARJEON, J Jefferson  1934 Fancy Dress Ball / aka Death in Fancy Dress (1934)
FARMER. Jerrilyn  2000 Dim Sum Dead
FAWCETT, Quin 2003 Siren Song 
FOLEY, Lucy 2018 The Hunting Party
FORSYTH, Frederick 1984 The Fourth Protocol
GERRITSEN,  Tess 2011 The Silent Girl
GLEESON, Janet 2002 The Grenadillo Box
GREENWOOD. Kerry 2006 Murder in the Dark
GREGSON, J M  2000 The Lancashire Leopard
HADDAM, Jane  1995 Fountain of Death
HARRIS, Lee  1997 The New Year's Eve Murder
HART, Ellen  1989 Hallowed Murder

2001 The Merchant of Venus
HART, Roy  1987 Seascape with Dead Figures
HENDERSON, Lauren  2001 Pretty Boy
HILL, Reginald  1997 Killing The Lawyers
HORST, Jorn Lier 2020 Smoke Screen
HINDLE, Tom 2023 The Murder Game
HUTCHISON, Ty 2011 Chop Suey/The Accidental Criminal
JANCE, J A 1995 Name Withheld
KAPPAS, Tonya 2023 New Year Nuisance 
KING, Rufus  1941  Holiday Homicide
LIN, Harper 2014 New Year's Slay
LOCKRIDGE, Frances & Richard 1949 The Dishonest Murderer

1956 Let Dead Enough Alone (1956)
MACADAM, Heather Dune 2022 The Weeping Buddha
MACKINTOSH, Clare 2022 The Last Party
MCBAIN, Ed  1989 Lullaby
MCDOUGAN, Ellie 2022 Homicide and a Happy New Year. Cherryville Book 2
MCLAREN, Philip 2018 Scream Black Murder
MEIER, Leslie 2005 New Year's Eve Murder 
MELVILLE, James  1992 The Body Wore Brocade
MEREDITH, David William 1951 The Christmas Card Murders
MOORE, Miriam Ann 1998 Stayin Alive
MYERS, Tamar 2000 A Penny Urned (2000)
OLDHAM, Nick 2013 Bad Tidings
PADURA, Leonardo 1991 Havana Blue
PETERS,  Elizabeth  2002 The Golden One
PHILLIPS, Edward 1981 Sunday's Child
PITTS, Denis 1976 This City Is Ours (1976)
REYES, Raquel V 2023 Barbacoa, Bomba, and Betrayal
RICE, Craig  1941 The Right Murder
ROBERTS, Gillian  1996 The Mummer's Curse 
ROZAN. S J  2009 The Shanghai Moon/Trail of Blood
ROBERTS, Gillian  1996 The Mummer's Curse 
SAMPLE, Cindy 2010 Dying For A Date
SAYERS, Dorothy L  1934 The Nine Taylors
SHAW, Catherine 2013 Fatal Inheritance
SLATER, Sofia 2022 Auld Acquaintance (1st)
SMITH, Joan  1988 Why Aren't They Screaming

1990 Don't Leave Me This way
STANLEY, Kelli 2010 City of Dragons
STONE, Kat 2022 New Years Dog-Tastrophe
SUZETTE, Kathleen 2022 New Year, New Murder 
Murder at the Savoy: A Victoria Murder Mystery Romance
TAYLOR, David C 2015 Night Life
TAYLOR, Kathleen 2000 Cold Front
TODD, Charles  2006 A Long Shadow
TOPDJIAN, Carolyn 2022 The Hitman's Daughter
VAN GULIK, Robert  1958 New Year's Eve in Lan-Fang 
WALLACE, Auralee 2017 Ring in the Year with Murder (2017)
WARD, Sarah 2023 The Sixth Lie
WENTWORTH, Patricia  1944 The Clock Strikes Twelve
WHITING, J.A. 2020  A Fatal New Year

2022 The Horse Knows the Way
WOLZEIN, Valerie 1994 Tis the Season to be Murdered.
A Lethal New Year
ZISKIN, James W 2015 Stone Cold Dead
ZUBRO, Mark 1997 The Truth Can Get You Killed

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