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Sunday 29 October 2023

‘Dying Voices’ by Laura Wilson

Published by Orion,
15 June 2000.
ISBN: 0-75283-230-1 (HB)

Dodie, only daughter of multi-millionaire Wolf Blackstock, was only eight years old when her mother was kidnapped. Despite attempts by the family and police to get Susan back, no body was ever found. Since that time, Dodie has been estranged from her father, who has continued to live at the Blackstock's stately home Camoys Hall, with his second wife Joan.

Following the death of her father, whilst Dodie, now twenty-nine, is attempting to come to terms with the vast fortune left by him, she is called to identify her mother's body, which has just been found. Her mother has been dead less than forty eight hours!

Reeling from this shock, Dodie turns to Joan for answers, but cannot contact her. In desperation she telephones Des, a close friend of her father's, with whom she has also been estranged for some years, but to whom she now looks for answers.

This is Laura Wilson's second book, and it is terrific. After her first book A Little Death I couldn't imagine what she would come up with, but this is rich in subterfuge and to arrive at the truth Dodie must peel away layers of deceit.

There was a point at which I put the book down and thought 'Who do I trust? It must all be lies. This is a compelling read. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

Laura Wilson was brought up in London and has degrees in English literature from Somerville College, Oxford, and UCL, London. She lives in Islington, London, where she is currently working on her thirteen novel. She is the crime fiction reviewer for the Guardian newspaper and teaches on the City University Crime Thriller Novel Creative Writing MA course.

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