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Sunday, 17 February 2019

‘Me? I Kill People’ by Alan Jacobs

Published by Matador,
28 January 2019.
ISBN: 978-1-78901684-0 (PB)

As the title suggests the book is about a contract killer, his name is Giles Penshurst. We meet him as he carries out his latest assignment, a Pole living in Balham who runs a prostitute from his flat and has similar plans for her young four-year-old child too.  After the successful killing he reminisces about all his previous hits and these form the bulk of the book.

He teams up with a mate Dave, who carries out all the arrangements and supplies him with whichever weapon he requires.  They are very careful in their choice of assignments, ranging from drug dealers, Nazis, a priest with an unhealthy interest in children and just about every nasty character in between!

It's not long before the efficiency of Dave and Giles gets really well known and they find themselves travelling all over the world to fulfil their contracts.  The police are baffled as to his identity, he wears many disguises, never uses the same weapon, sometimes guns, sometimes knives and poisons, even once blowing up a targets car. Then thanks to a nosey neighbour, they get an identification.

Detective Constable Hazel Frazer and Detective Inspector Eric Williams now know what Giles looks like but not his real name. Hazel poses as a prostitute and picks him up one night but although she manages to get a look at his passport it turns out to be a false name. They are just about back to square one.  Williams and Hazel get even more frustrated when they are “warned off” by top brass, surely the killer cannot be carrying out jobs for the government' can he?

When Dave and Giles take stock and count up the number of killings, they are responsible for it amounts to well over twenty. They then realise they have been very lucky not to have been arrested, though this they are sure is down to the fact that they have always been very careful. They consider the likely hood that they are going to call it a day soon, they have certainly made enough money. But, will they retire soon enough before they get caught, or will that “just one more job then” be one too many?

I really enjoyed this book, it was good to hear of so many unsavoury characters getting their just desserts. Although obviously it is a serious subject, it is very amusing at times. There are even a couple of laugh aloud moments, especially when Giles deals with one outstandingly nasty individual.

A thoroughly good read, this will really appeal to those who like justice done quickly and efficiently. I found it very satisfying!
Reviewer: Tricia Chappell

Alan Jacobs was born just before WW11. He left school and joined the Royal Navy, serving in the Suez campaign and flying in helicopters as a rescue crewman. After taking early retirement from a career with BT, he spends his time writing novels. This is his debut. Alan is based in Bedfordshire.

Tricia Chappell. I have a great love of books and reading, especially crime and thrillers. I play the occasional game of golf (when I am not reading). My great love is cruising especially to far flung places, when there are long days at sea for plenty more reading! I am really enjoying reviewing books and have found lots of great new authors.

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