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Wednesday 6 July 2011

LC Tyler Book Launch at Goldsboro Books 5th July

We had a fine turnout of people at Goldsboro Bookshop in Cecil Court in London last evening 5th July, to celebrate the launch of Len Tyler’s latest book Herring on the Nile.  The fourth book in the series featuring writer Ethelred Tressider and his agent Elsie Thirkettle. In this book writer Ethelred sets sail up the Nile on the luxury paddle steamer Khedive on a research trip for his new book to be set in Egypt

Len attended the proceedings sporting a smart fez and matching bow tie.  Elsie was not in evidence but had she been present, might I think,  have made a few choice comments on the fez!

Enjoying the festivities from left to right are, Len’s wife Ann, and Hank and Doris Waxman flanking Lizzi Hull, who actually appears in the book, as who?  And doing what you ask?  Read the book.  Doris and Hank accompanied Ann and Len when they took a trip up the Nile – research of course.

Among the many present,  were Mystery Women Laura Wilson, seen below with Len, Kirsty Long and author Mike Ripley, enjoying a glass of wine as were we all.

Len was in fine voice, after a short introduction from his editor at Macmillan’s Will Atkins, he talked about this business of writing, spending a year with this little group of characters.  Only you know anything about them – their strengths and weaknesses, their rivalries, their in-jokes.  You are their only friend.  Then suddenly the book is published and they hopefully acquire a whole load of new friends.  But you still worry about them.  It’s a bit like watching your children in the school nativity play – you know that the third shepherd singing twinkle twinkle little star is second only to Pavarotti – but will the other parents be as perceptive?  So, in the case of the book, you keep your fingers crossed, you gather together a few of your mates for a launch, get drunk and hope all will be well – an option not necessarily open to you at the school nativity play. He thanked everyone for coming, with special thanks to his family who were out in force this evening, and in particular to his publicist Philippa McEwan, his editor Will Atkins and copy editor May Chamberlain. Thanks also to David Headley of Goldsboro books for hosting the occasion. 

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