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Saturday, 2 July 2011

‘Evil in Return' by Elena Forbes

Published by Quercus, 2011.
ISBN: 978-1-84916-259-3

When the body of Joseph Logan is found in an old Victorian crypt at the Brompton cemetery, the manner of his murder points to a professional killing. Investigation by DI Mark Tartaglia and DS Sam Donovan finds Joe to have been a quiet guy currently living on a boat in Little Venice, whilst the boat owner Sally Matthews is away.  An actor, Joe had been to a degree thrust into the limelight by the success of his book Indian Summer. But he refused to give interviews and was reluctant to do book signings.  He had however, surprisingly agreed to several meetings with freelance journalist Anna Paget

The discovery of a second body killed in an identical manner poses the question for Tartaglia as to whether he has a serial killer at large picking random victims, or is there a link between the two deaths. 

Whilst seeking to speak to any of Joe’s friends Tartaglia interviews Anna Paget but with unsatisfactory results – did any one really know Joe Logan.   

Cleverly plotted this is an enthralling mystery, as we follow Joe’s friend Alex Fleming as he tries to make sense of his friend’s murder.  The characterisation is brilliant, I wanted to follow all their lives, Maggie Thomas who lives a couple of boats up from where Logan was living, and Mark’s boss DCI Carolyn Steele is intriguing – there is a story there I want to know about.  And the handsome Mark Tartaglia who clearly has commitment issues – can he resolve them?  

Utterly engrossing this intriguing mystery kept me reading into the early hours. Whilst the solution was satisfactorily tied up, there is a good hook at the end to make me want to keep an eye out for the next book.  Highly recommended.
Lizzie Hayes

Elena Forbes read modern languages at Bristol University .
She has also worked as a Portfolio Manager for an investment bank.  She lives in Nottinghill with her husband and two children.
This is Elena’s third book.
The two earlier in the series are:
Die with Me
Our Lady of Pain.

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  1. Completely new to me, but off to see if the library have the first one right now.