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Sunday 10 July 2011

‘Death on the Rive Nord’ by Adrian Magson

Published by Allison & Busby, August 2011. ISBN: 978-0-7490-0839-0
The discovery of a dead Algerian in a canal sets Inspector Lucas Rocco on the tail of an organised group of people traffickers. Rocco is a city cop who has been moved from Paris to the French countryside - Picardie, not quite what he is used to, either for him or his new colleagues, although, he has established a friendship with Claude Lamotte, the local garde champetre, who has helped his acceptance with the villagers.  Unfortunately he has served with his new boss Commissaire Francois Massin in a different capacity. Rocco knows things about Massin that he, Massin would not like made public, so they exist in an uneasy unspoken thinly veiled hostility.  In 1963 Algerian immigrants are welcome in France, but not illegals. However, as Massin points out the whole Algerian thing is a sensitive issue and not one in which he  wants to get caught up.

Whilst investigating the death in the canal Rocco meets the beautiful Nicole, which brings him to the attention of the chilling Algerian gangster Samir Ferek, and his enforcer the huge killer Bouhassa, who seem to be moving up from the south leaving a trail of death in their wake. As more killings occur Rocco realises that Ferek is moving ever closer, killing anyone who stands in the way of his plans to extend his empire.  Rocco is in his way, can he survive Ferek.

So trying to track down people traffickers and keeping out of the path of Ferek, not to mention his boss Massin, Rocco has his work cut out.  

A stunningly atmospheric follow up to Death in the Marais, which introduced Inspector Lucas Rocco, the story moves at a cracking pace, with the tension mounting with every page, I couldn’t read fast enough.  A definite entry for your ‘not to be missed’ list.
Lizzie Hayes

Adrian Magson has three series. In his first series featuring Riley Gavin & Frank Palmer, there are four books.
Although born in the UK, Adrian lived and was educated for a time in France. So it is fitting that he sets one of his series in France featuring Inspector Lucas Rocco. The first book is entitled Death on the Marais which was published by Allison & Busby 30 September 2010, and this second book Death on the Rive Nord will be available August 2011. His series featuring Harry Tate published by Severn House is set in the world of espionage. The first book Red Station was published 9th September 2010, followed by Tracers which was published in February 2011. The third in this series Deception will be published later this year.

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