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Wednesday 13 March 2024

‘The Eye Collector’ by Sebastian Fitzek

Published by Head of Zeus,
14 March 2024.
ISBN: 978-1-80454236-1 (PB)

A Seven years ago a traumatic experience led to Alexander Zorbach leaving the police force and taking up journalism.

He has now taken it upon himself to help solve the case of the “Eye Collector”. So called because after murdering the mother, he kidnaps the child. The father is then told he has forty-five hours to search for and find his child. If unsuccessful within this time, then the child will die. He has been dubbed the Eye Collector because every dead body found has had the left eye removed – there have been three cases so far.

Being a father himself, Alexander is determined to uncover this perverted villain. He is still in touch with his old colleague, Detective Superintendent Philipp Stoya of Homicide and keeps up with the latest on the case through him.

However, when Alexander’s missing wallet is mysteriously discovered near the latest woman’s dead body, he becomes the number one suspect. To avoid arrest he hides away on a remote old houseboat, discovered by his mother when he was a child. His peace however is shattered when he is approached by Alina Gregoriev a blind physiotherapist who claims she can see into her patients’ lives by touching them.

Strangely she says Alexander rang her with directions to the boat and to come as it was a matter of life or death. However, he assures her it certainly was not him -who could it have been? The perpetrator himself perhaps?  Intrigued they join forces to bring this monster to justice especially when Alina tells Alexander that she thinks she treated the Eye Collector recently. She saw through his eyes how he had murdered a woman.

As the deadline approaches for the latest two children (twins) to be found, things turn desperate. Will they be rescued in time?   As Alina and Alexander try to help find them, events take a tragic turn in a completely unexpected way, the outlook becomes even bleaker still.

A rather bizarre story of revenge for a troubled childhood, not for the faint hearted, as the title of the book suggests. It certainly is gripping with a totally unexpected ending.

It is also worth reading the acknowledgements at the end of the book as it tells of certain gifts some blind people possess. I found it very interesting.

Sebastian Fitzek really knows how to write “heart in the mouth” thrillers   and this is no exception. Thoroughly recommended for readers with a strong constitution!
Reviewer: Tricia Chappell

Sebastian Fitzek was born 13 October 1971 in Berlin Germany. He is a writer and journalist. His first book Therapy was a bestseller in Germany in 2006, toppling The Da Vinci Code from the #1 position.

Tricia Chappell
. I have a great love of books and reading, especially crime and thrillers. I play the occasional game of golf (when I am not reading). My great love is cruising especially to far flung places, when there are long days at sea for plenty more reading! I am really enjoying reviewing books and have found lots of great new authors.


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