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Monday 18 March 2024

Mysteries Set at Easter

ADAMS, Mathiya 2016 The Easter Evader (2016)
ALLAN, Barbara 2010 Antiques Bizarre 
ATHERTON, Nancy 2001 Aunt Dimity: Detective
BELL, Cindy 2018 Bunny Donuts and a Body 
BERENSON, Laurien  2022 Show Me the Bunny
BERRY, Linda  1998 Death and the Easter Bunny
BOTTOMS, David 1988 Easter Weekend
BOWEN, Rhys  2009 In A Guilded Cage
BROPHY, Grace 2007 The Last Enemy
BUCK, Sharon E 2018 The Faberge Easter Egg and Murder (2018)
CARL. JoAnna 2004 The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha 
CARR, John Dickson  1968 Papa Le Bas
CLARK, Mary Jane 1999 Do You Promise Not to Tell?
COHEN, Nancy 2020 Easter Hair Hunt
COLE, Lyndsey 2017 Easter Buried Eggs
COLLIER, Christine E 2007 A Holiday Sampler
CONKLIN, Caroline 2001 Last Easter
CONNORS, Rose 2002 Absolute Certainty (1st)
CONWAY, Sara 2001 Murder on Good Friday
DAHEIM, Mary  1992 Holy Terrors
DALEY, Kathi 2014 Big Bunny Bump Off 

2017 Easter Escapade (2017)

2018 Hippity Hoppity Homicide (2018)
DEEB, Mary Jane 2012 Death of A Harlequin
DOHERTY, P C  2001 The House of Death (2001)
EVANS, Liz 2005 Cue the Easter Bunny
FLORA, Kate 1996 Death At the Wheel
FLORKIEWICZ, Lynn 2017 The Easter Mystery (2017)
FLOWER, Amanda 2019 Toxic Toffee (2019)

2019 Criminally Cocoa (2019)
Eila May and the Easter Kandy Kuller
GRADY, P J  2001 Deadly Sin
GRIFFIN, J M 2016 Hop 'Til You Drop
HADDAM, Jane  1991 Precious Blood
HARRIS, Joanne 1998 Chocolate
HARRIS, Lee  1992 The Good Friday Murder
HAYES, J M (Mike) 2009 Server Down
HYZY, Julie 2009 Eggsecutive Orders
HUNTER, Carolyn Q 2018 Killer Easter Pie (2018)
JACKSON, Bryant 2010 Easter Day Murders
JACKSON, Melanie 2011 Death of A Dumb Bunny
JOHNS, Madison 2019 Easter Eggs and Shotgun Shells
KASHIAN, Tina 2020  On the Lamb (2020)
KILLIAN, Diane 2010 Murder on the Eightfold Path 
KLEIN, Libby 2021 Beauty Expos Are Murder (2021)
KOZAR, Linda 2017 Bunny Drop
LANG, J A 2015 Chef Maurice and the Bunny Boiler Bake-Off
LEWIS, J G 2020 Forest of Souls (2020)
LOVESEY, Peter 1998 Do Not Exceed the Stated Dose
MACINERNEY, Karen 2019 Dyeing Season (2019)

2023 Basket Case
MAHER, Tegan 2019 Shot Cross Buns (2019)
MALLIET, G M  2013 Pagan Spring
MARTIN, Nancy 2004 Some Like It Lethal
MATTHEWS, Olivia 2019 Alibis & Angels (2019)
MEIR, Leslie 2012 Easter Bunny Murder

2021 Easter Bonnet Murder
MOORECROFT, M'Lissa 2020 The Chocolate Easter Baking Challenge 
NEWMAN, Sharan 1994 The Devil's Door
PENNY, Louise 2007 The Cruellest Month
PLIMP, Imogen 2020 The Easter Sunday Slaughter (2020)
RAMSAY, Frederick 2014 The Wolf and the Lamb (2014)
RICHEY, Sheri 2020 Chicory is Trickery (2020)
ROBINSON, David W 2013 The Chocolate Egg Murders
SCHWEIZER, Mark 2004 The Baritone Wore Chiffon (2004)

2006 The Soprano Wore Falsettos (2006)
SERRANO, Judy 2017 Easter's  Lily
SIGER, Jeffrey 2010 The Aegean Prophecy/Prey on Patmos (US)
SMITH, Julie 1986 Tourist Trap (1986)
SMITH, Lotta 2018 Wicked Egg to Crack 
STOUT, Rex  1958 And Four to Go/Crime and Again
STUART, John 2017 Easter Breakfast
SWANSON, Denise 2013 Nickeled and Dimed to Death (2013)
THEORIN, Johan 2011 The Quarry (2011)
ULMAR, Mari  2000 Murder at the Camposanto
VIGUIE, Debbie 2010 The Lord is my Shepherd (2010)
WELDON, Sarah Jane 2019 Baa'd to the Bone (2019)
WILSON, Robert 2003 The Blind Man of Seville
WOOD, Patricia Smith 2013 The Easter Egg Murder (2013)
WOODS, Rachel 2020 Easter Egg Hunt Murder (2020)

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