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Saturday 2 March 2024


 17th March is St Patrick's Day. 

ALBERT. Susan Wittig 1997 Love Lies Bleeding
ALESSIO, Amy 2017 Struck by Shillelagh
BRANDT, Harry 2015 The Whites
CAHOON, Lynn 2019 Corned Beef and Casualties
CRAWFORD, Isis 2012 A Catered St Patrick's Day
CREEDON, P 2018 Murder on Saint Patrick's Day 
DALEY, Kathi 2015 Shamrock Shenanigans
DEMILLE. Nelson  1981 Cathedral
DOHERTY, Tom Dots 2019 ShamrockSnake
EVANOVICH. Janet  2008 Plum Lucky 
FIFFER, Sharon 2012 Lucky Stuff
FRANKLIN, Bernadette 2019 Shammed 
GONZALEZ, Andrew 2011 St Patrick's Day
GREELEY, Andrew Morley 1994 Irish Gold
HADDAM. Jane  1992 A Great Day for the Deadly
HAMILTON, Lyn 2000 Celtic Riddle
HARRINGTON. Jonathan  2001 A Great Day For Dying
HARRIS,Lee 1994 St Patrick's Day Murder
HART, Jennifer L 2019 Sleuthing for the Weekend 
HOWELL,  Dorothy 2014 Duffle bags and Drownings
HUNTER, Carolyn Q 2018 Shamrock Pie Murder 
JACKSON, Melanie 2012 The Sham
JOHNS, Madison 2017 Lucky Strike
KELLY, Diane 2013 Love. Luck and the Little Green Men
LEE, Amanda 2012 The Long Stitch Good Night
LEE, Wendi 1994 The Good Daughter
MAHONEY, Dan 1998 Once in Never Out
MCINERNY, Ralph  1998 Lack of the Irish
MEIER. Leslie 2008 St. Patrick's Day Murder
O'CONNOR, Carlene 2021 Murder in an Irish Bookshop
O'MARIE,  Sister Carol Ann 1998 Death Takes Up a Collection
PARKER, Mark 2014 Lucky You
SMITH, Janet Elaine 2002 In St Patrick's Custody
TROCHEK. Kathy Hogan  2000 Irish Eyes
VIGUIE, Debbie 2010 Lie Down in Green Pastures 
WALD, Noreen 2000 Death Never Takes a Holiday

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