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Thursday 28 March 2024

Chocolate Mysteries

AARONS, Kathie 2014 Death is Like a Box of Chocolates

2015 Truffled to Death

2016 Behind Chocolate Bars
ALABASRER, Stacey 2016 Death By Chocolate Cake 
BECK, Jessica 2012 Drop Dead Chocolate
BELL, Cindy 2015 The Sweet Smell of Murder

2015 A Deadly Delicious Delivery 

2016 A Bitter Sweet Murder 

2016 A Treacherous Tasty Trail 

2016 Luscious Pastry at a Lethal Party/Pastry and Peril

2016 Trouble and Treats 

2016 Fudge, Films and Felonies

2017 Custom-Made Murder 

2017 Skydiving, Souffles and Sabotage 

2018 Christmas Chocolates and Crimes

2018 Hot Chocolate and Homicide 

2018 Chocolate Caramels and Conmen 

2018  Picnics, Pies and Lies 

2019 Devil's Food Cake and Drama

2019 Cinnamon and a Corpse

2019 Cherries, Berries and a Body 

2019 Christmas Cookies and Criminals 

2020 Grapes, Ganache and Guilt 

2020 Yule Logs and Murder

2021 Mocha, Marriage and Murder

2021 Holiday Fudge and Homicide
BENNING, Patti 2020 Chocolate Cherry and Choices

2020 White Chocolate and Worries 
BERKELEY, Anthony  1929 The Poisoned Chocolates Case
BEST Morgana 2016 Sweet Revenge

2016 The Sugar Hit 

2017 Murder Sweetly Served 

2017 Chocolate To Die For 
BLAKE, Bethany 2017 Death by Chocolate Lab
BYERS, Beth 2019 Murder By Chocolate 
CARL, JoAnna 2001 The Choccolate Cat Caper

2002 The Chocolate Bear Burglary 

2003 The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up

2004 The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle 

2005 The Chocolate Mouse Trap 

2006 The Chocolate Bridal Bash 

2007 The Chocolate Jewel Case

2008 The Chocolate Snowman Murders 

2009 The Chocolate Cupid Killings 

2010 The Chocolate Pirate Plot 

2011 The Chocolate Castle Clue

2012 The Chocolate Moose Motive 

2013 The Chocolate Book Bandit 

2002 The Chocolate Clown Corpse 

2003 The Chocolate Falcon Fraud

2004 The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha 

2019 The Chocolate Shark Shenanigans 

2021 The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole 
CARTER, Sammi 2006 Chocolate Dipped Death
CLOVER, Leena 2019 Raspberry Chocolate Murder
COLE, Lyndsey 2015 Strawburied in Chocolate (2015)
DAVIDSON, Diane Mott 1992 Dying For Chocolate
DAVIS, Krista 2015 The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss
EMRICK, K.J. 2017 Death by Chocolate Cake 
FAIRER, David 2019 Chocolate House Treason
FLUKE, Joanne 2000 Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

2000 Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
FOX, Sarah 2023 Six Sweets Under
GRAVES, Sarah 2021 Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder 

2018 Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake 

2019 Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake

2020 Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut 

2021 Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle 

2022 Death by Chocolate Chip Cupcake 

2023 Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie 
HARRIS, Joanne 1998 Chocolate
HUNTER, Carolyn Q 2017 Killer Chocolate Pie (2017)

2018 Killer Chocolate Pecan Pie (2018)
KAPPES, Tonya 2023 Chocolate Bunny Betrayal 
KEAM, Abigail 2013 Death By Chocolate
KELLY, Diane 2015 Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli (2015)
LIN, Harper 2015 Chocolat Chaud Murder
MCKEVETT, G A  2003 Death by Chocolate
MCKINLAY, Jenn 2015 Dark Chocolate Demise
MEIER. Leslie 2012 Chocolate Covered Murder
MOORE, Addison 2021 Chocolate Chip Cookie Conundrum 
MOORECROFT, M'Lissa 2020 The Chocolate Easter Baking Challenge (2020)
PRESCOTT, Summer 2015 Chocolate Filled Murder

2015 Chocolate Fudge Murder

2016 Hot Chocolate Murder 

2016 White Chocolate Murder

2018 German Chocolate Killer 

2018 Chocolate Cherry Killer 
PRESSEY, Rose 2019 Death by Chocolate Cupcake (2019)
ROBINSON, David W 2013 The Chocolate Egg Murders
ROMERIL, Christina 2022 A Christmas Candy Killing

2023 A Nutcracker Nightmare
St. JAMES, Dorothy 2017 Asking for Truffle

2018 Playing with Bonbon Fire 

2019 In Cold Chocolate 

2020 Bonbon with the Wind
STOUT, Rex 1937 The Red Box/Case of the Red Box
SUZETTE, Kathleen 2018 Chocolate Covered Murder (as by Kate Bell)

2019 Chocolate Heart Killer 

2020 Chocolate Cake and a Murder
SWANSON. Denise 2005 Murder Of A Chocolate Covered Cherry
WEISS, Kirsten 2019 Chocolate a la Murder

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