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Friday, 9 February 2018

‘Two Feet Under’ by Charlie Cochrane

Published by Riptide Publishing,
8 January 2018.
ISBN: 978-1-62649-682-8

At home, Adam Matthews and Robin Bright are increasingly happy in their relationship and their life, with their adored dog, Campbell. At work, both men are facing exciting new changes and challenges in their careers. Adam has moved to a new school and been promoted to Deputy Head and Robin has been promoted to Acting Chief Inspector and moved police stations. Robin’s move does have some complications as he is now stationed at Abbotston, a police station with a history of corruption. Although most of the ‘rotten apples’ have been removed there is still the aftermath of the bad relations between Abbotston and Robin’s previous station, Stanebridge. This problem becomes more acute when a case of a suspicious death and unlawful burial requires investigation while Robin’s senior officer is on leave, and Robin has to keep a keen eye on his team, not all of whom are as motivated as he could wish.

Excavations at the site of a Roman villa have revealed a female body buried in a shallow grave. This is no historic burial, all the evidence indicates that she was buried within the last year. Robin struggles to identify the victim and establish whether her death was indeed murder, and discover a motive for the crime. At the same time, Adam fights to stay clear of the investigation. Both men remember with horror the danger that Adam encountered when he became too entangled with a previous case. However, when the father of one of Adam’s pupils offers his insights as a metal detectorist, Adam finds himself drawn into the investigation despite his good intentions. He is also determined to discover who at Robin’s new police station is leaking information to the media. Although their relationship is not a secret, neither Adam nor Robin wish to be the subjects of scurrilous attention from the Press.

Robin’s investigation is the most complex case he has ever had to deal with, as scientific evidence and witness reports appear to contradict each other, until, in the end, it is the smallest of details that leads him to the truth.
Two Feet Under is the third of the mysteries featuring Robin Bright and Adam Matthews and this is a series that gets better with each book. The characters are delightful, especially the adorable dog, Campbell, and the plot is complex and interesting. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
Reviewer: Carol Westron

Charlie Cochrane couldn't be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice—like managing a rugby team— so she writes. Her favourite genre is gay fiction, predominantly historical romances/mysteries.  A member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and International Thriller Writers Inc, Charlie's Cambridge Fellows Series, set in Edwardian England, was instrumental in her being named Author of the Year 2009 by the review site Speak Its Name.

Carol Westron is a successful short story writer and a Creative Writing teacher.  She is the moderator for the cosy/historical crime panel, The Deadly Dames.  Her crime novels are set both in contemporary and Victorian times.  The Terminal Velocity of Cats is the first in her Scene of Crimes novels, was published July 2013. Carol recently gave an interview to Mystery People. To read the interview click on the link below.

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