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Monday 8 May 2017

Deadly Serious? at CrimeFest

19 May 2017. 11:20 - 12:10pm

Deadly Serious?:
Shades of Dark and Light in Crime fiction

will be discussed by:

Pete Adams is an architect and designs and builds projects around the UK when he’s not writing up a storm. Pete describes himself as an inveterate daydreamer, escaping into those dreams by writing funny stories that contain a thoughtful dash of social commentary. With a writing style inspired and shaped by his formative years on an estate that re-housed London families shortly after WWII, Pete’s Kind Hearts and Martinets series of books have been likened to the writing of Tom Sharpe.

NJ Fountain is an award-winning comedy writer, chiefly known for his work on the radio and television show Dead Ringers. He has also contributed to programmes such as Have I Got News For You.
He also writes for Private Eye.

 To read a review of Pain Killer click the link below

Mario Giordano  born 30 May 1963 is a German writer. His novel Black Box (1999), which is based on a true occurrence was adapted to a film.  The film was acclaimed and Giordano received an award for Best Screenplay. 

Andrew Taylor has been a full-time writer sinece 1982. He is the award-winning author of numerous novels. His first novel won the John Creasey Award. He is the only author to receive the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award three times. He was awarded the CWA Diamond Dagger for excellence in crime writing. Andrew lives in the Forest of Dean on the borders of England and Wales.

Ruth Dudley Edwards has been a teacher, marketing executive and civil servant and is a prize-winning biographer as well as an historian, journalist and broadcaster.  The targets of her satirical crime novels include the civil service, gentlemen’s clubs, a Cambridge college, the House of Lords, the Church of England, publishing, literary prizes and politically-correct Americans. In 2008 she won the CrimeFest Last Laugh Award for Murdering Americans.  Killing the Emperors is about conceptual art and won the CrimeFest Last Laugh Award 2013. 


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