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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Mystery People Launch 13 March 2012

The official Mystery People launch took place on Tuesday 13th March at Goldsboro Books in Cecil Court London. My thanks to all of you who attended and made it such a great evening. With particular thanks to David Headley for hosting the event.
 On the left me thinking 'hope someone turns up!
Half an hour later - lots of activity.  Looking  gorgeous in a grey outfit and matching hat is Linda Regan.  With her back to us showing her golden curls is Mary Andrea Clarke chatting with Ann Magson on her left and Len Tyler, on her right. 
David Headley with Jessica Mann
Susan Moody with Jane Conway Gordon

Mary Clarke and Ann Magson
Adrian Magson and Brian Murphy

Below left Joanna Hines chatting with a more relaxed me, as I had said a few words and could now enjoy a glass of wine.                       
Joanna Hines with Lizzie Hayes

As you can see Toby (see above centre) was enjoying the conversation and picking up tips for his first novel
Jane Gregory
Michael Ridpath
Rebecca Tope with Joan Lock, Joanna Hines and Barbara Nadel.



  1. Great launch party, Lizzie! Many thanks to you and to David for hosting.

  2. Thanks Len, and thanks for being there. Lizzie