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Sunday 5 February 2023

‘Another Man’s Treasure’ by S.W. Hubbard

Published 26 October 2012.
ISBN: 978-098840551-6 (PB)

Audrey Nealon has been running estate sales for ten years.  Jill has been working for Audrey for nearly a year, but Tyshaun only a couple of months, and the two have been squabbling ever since. Jill never missing an opportunity to lord it over Ty.

The house they are clearing belonged to Agnes Szabo, who died a week ago, but does it house any treasures? Audrey knows a lot about art and antiques and is never surprised what treasures one can find in an old person’s home. But this house holds the surprise to top all surprises, for in the attic is an old trunk full of a tangle of jewellery, bracelets, watches, and a very unusual ring. To Audrey a very familiar ring, last seen on the finger of her mother, who went out thirty years ago on a snowy Christmas Eve to buy a few last things and was never seen again.  Audrey has long wanted to know what happened to her mother, but her father will never discuss it and now he is in a nursing home after having a stroke. But with the discovery of her mother’s ring Audrey is determined to pursue the matter and find out what happened to her mother.

Audrey telephones Agnes Szabo’s nephew Cal Tremaine, a lawyer and campaign manager for would-be governor, Spencer Finneran to inform him of their find. Cal tells her that he in under extreme pressure with the forthcoming election and ask her to sit on the find until he has more time to deal with it.

Wanting to discover why Agnes had her mother’s ring Audrey starts seeing the attractive Cal. But can she trust him?  

I absolutely loved this book. It is my kind of mystery. I see that there are ten books in the series, and I have already bought the next one. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Lizzie Sirett

S.W. Hubbard writes the kind of mysteries she likes to read: twisty, believable, full of great characters, and highlighted with some sly humour. People who impress her-for good or ill-are likely to turn up in her books. She lives in Morristown NJ, where she teaches creative writing to enthusiastic teens and adults, and expository writing to reluctant college freshmen. 

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