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Saturday 24 December 2011

‘A Means of Escape’ by Joanna Price

Published by Aston Bay, November 2011.
ISBN: 978-0-956830-0-8

The discovery of a body on the Glastonbury Tor on a cold November morning has DS Kate Linton investigating ritual and sacrificial killings, as found next to the body are twelve small holes surrounded by candle wax.

Attending the crime scene with her is DI Rob Brown who flaunts his female conquests which irritates Kate, who rather likes him but cannot fathom him.   Also at the scene Kate espies an ex-boyfriend journalist Simon Talbot, who she is at pains to avoid.

A few days later another young woman is reported missing just when Kate learns of two further bodies found at Avebury’s stone circle, where identical holes were also in evidence.  Then a reality TV star disappears. With three dead bodies, an abducted woman and a missing reality TV star, Kate has much to occupy her.

Cleverly plotted this is an intriguing mystery which kept me reading into the early hours. Kate is a most engaging protagonist, feisty and yet vulnerable, her interaction with her immediate boss Rob Brown adds much to the story. Whilst, the solution was satisfactorily tied up, there is a good hook at the end to make me want to keep an eye out for the next book.  Highly recommended.
Lizzie Hayes
Joanna Price is a copywriter based in Glastonbury.
A Means of Escape is her first book.

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