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Tuesday 2 July 2024

Published Today: A Lurking Primrose By Suzette A. Hill

Published by Severn House

2 July 2024

Available in Hardback & Kindle Format

Book eight in the
Francis Ougterard series

Erasmus House, a prestigious prep school for boys in Lewes, is in uncharacteristic disarray over a looming visit from Her Majesty's inspectors. Convinced that inspectors dislike old-established schools, headteacher Mr Winchbrooke devises a cunning plan to drag Erasmus House into modernity - by replacing the rustic paintings of eccentric local artist and amateur sleuth, Primrose Oughterard, with more 'challenging' abstract works.

But Primrose's paintings are the least of Winchbrooke's worries when the school's assistant matron, Miss Memling, is found dead in a Brighton hotel room, clutching an empty gin bottle. Was there more to the dull Aida Memling than met the eye? As a school trustee, Primrose springs into action, and upon discovering there was poison in Aida's gin, becomes convinced of foul play. With her brother Francis' pets Maurice and Bouncer by her side, can Primrose solve the Memling mystery?

Suzette A. Hill was born in Eastbourne, Sussex, in 1941; but has lived in many locations - the Midlands, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Berkshire - and finally in retirement in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Although being an English graduate of two universities and having taught ‘Eng. Lit.’ all her professional life, she never contemplated doing any creative writing herself. It was only when she was sixty-four and well retired, that out of idle curiosity she thought she might try her hand at a short story - just to see what writing fiction felt like. And to her ongoing surprise A Load of Old Bones plus its six sequels was the result. A Little Murder was the first in a new series featuring Rosie Gilchrist. There are five books in the series.  Her most recent series is Southwold Mysteries. Her latest book is...
  A Lurking Primrose..   

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